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Quality is that elusive something that everybody wants these days when it comes to auto detailing.

You'll find quality in every sense of the word when you call Extreme Clean at 1290 W. 6th Avenue, in Eugene. These professionals are totally knowledgeable in all facets of auto detailing, and they make a real effort to please all of their customers! 

Do you need your classic car detailed? Or how about your Boat? Extreme Clean is the place in Eugene where you get your car detailed to perfection. And when you want courteous, fast service, you'll find that there, too!

Quality means different things to different people, but most people agree that reasonable prices are absolutely essential to top value. Quality and value go hand in hand to give you the best value in detailing at Extreme Clean

That's why the editors of this 2014 Consumer Business Review highly recommend Extreme Clean to all our readers!